Create Believable Faux Wood Painting In Only One Weekend…

And Do It All With Just Paint!

Enhance Your Home’s Feeling Of Richness With The Look of Custom Wood Doors and Trim!

Do you want learn faux wood grain painting techniques, but never actually thought you could pull off designer looking results? Are you frustrated looking at designer magazines and books filled with pictures of gorgeous wood doors and pillars… knowing that all the woodwork in your home is white? Do you think painting your doors or pillars to look like realistic wood grain would be difficult to master? I feel your pain!

Hi…My name is Debra Conrad – THAT Painter Lady. Now you know you have a friend in your struggle to find good information about faux wood painting.

Your most challenging questions about painting anything to look like wood will be answered. You will have access to my support email and can ask all the faux wood graining questions you want!

Look at that again

You can ask for help with all your faux wood painting questions by email. You won’t find that kind of customer service with just any faux painting consultant.

You will have more fun and have better results if you know what techniques are prone to problems and what paint and tools you need to have on hand before you start to paint.

Faux Painting Client Gets Brave and
Learns How To Make Faux Wood

I recently had the opportunity to teach a special customer of mine how to use paint to look like wood. I taught her the entire technique. She learned, with hands on training how to faux wood paint doors… in her own home.

Now, you have to understand. Tina (the student) was really not interested in learning this technique. She has no desire to faux paint… anything! But – she wanted her glaringly white 4 paneled doors to look like rustic mesquite wood doors. She didn’t want to purchase new doors, as the ones she had were in great condition and of a high quality.

So… she called me one fine afternoon and wanted to hire me to faux wood grain her doors. And I said… NO! I won’t do that for you. I am no longer in the painting business.

But… she wanted her faux wood doors so badly, and could not find anyone to do them for her. She asked if I would teach her how to faux wood grain her own doors… and I said I would be glad to teach her how.

I love to teach anyone to use paint and glaze in creative ways… especially if they think they don’t have any talent. Really… the techniques I teach are so easy to learn and the supplies are so cheap, where can you go wrong? It is, after all, only paint.

So That is How the Faux Wood Graining On
Doors Adventure Began

Tina and I Spent The Day Faux Wood Graining Doors and
I Video Taped The Entire Process

Tina stood right next to me as I taught how to mix and apply the glaze. She learned that the tools and supplies are simple and easy to use. You will be watching me work right over  my shoulder. It is an amazing and easy process… and you will see the door transformed right before your eyes.

You will get to see from start to finish how I used these easy faux wood grain techniques to create fantastic decorative and realistic wood graining. I know you can have the same results  on your doors too.

Brand New Doors Can Now Resemble

The Antique Patina of Fine Handcrafted

Wood Doors… all with paint.

Wouldn’t it be great if that someone would answer all your

questions about using glaze to create

faux wood finish doors?

Are you looking for ways to refinish your doors that are usually seen only in the decorating magazines or luxury home tours?

Would you like to be able to learn the faux painting wood grain techniques that are painted by professional faux artists?

Do these hand painted faux wood doors seem like to much work or that they will require expensive tools?

Are you tired of the vague decorative painting instructions found in faux painting books and on the DIY television shows?

Do you think you have to be “artistic” to paint or use glazes?

Do you think painting a door to look like wood would be too big a project for a beginner?

Previews of What’s Inside The Actual Faux Painting Wood Grain Video

(Don’t let the scary looking face run you off… just push play 😉

Learn to Make Faux Wood and Change the Personality of Your Boring Doors

I was a professional faux artist for 17 years, and I have learned lots of tricks about painted faux wood grained finishes. You can now see every one of those faux wood finish tricks.

I don’t use expensive faux wood graining tools or hard to find products. I want you to be able to get started with your project as soon as you download the video and the paint and tool buying tip sheet.

Do you have to live with white doors and trim?

With a small bit of effort and time… you will be transforming boring white doors and molding into custom looking architecture. All my clients have been impressed by my ability to faux wood grain almost anything and make it look so easy. That’s because it really is easy.

Just a few simple tricks and faux paint techniques will change the personality of your doors.

Now, I am going to share with you… all my time saving tips and tricks so you can learn about painting a faux wood grained door quickly.

You will get to see from start to finish how I used these beautiful faux grain techniques to create absolutely realistic faux wood architecture. I know you can have the same results on your walls too. 

Faux Wood Grained Doors in Less Than 48 Hours

Sometimes you might feel like you can’t get started on a new faux painting project, because you might not have time to finish. Just watch me paint, and see how fast you’ll be able to start painting your doors with faux wood graining .

Many of your faux painting projects could be finished in less than 48 hours! When you see the faux wood graining unfold before your eyes you will be thinking “This is so easy…Why didn’t I get started on this sooner?”

The Faux Wood Grain Technique Before And After

You Can Easily Learn Everything About Faux Wood Graining Even if you are a Beginner!

Even first-time faux painters will be able to have expert results. Every faux painting step is detailed in the video and includes close up photosof each faux wood graining technique.

If you have a problem getting your faux wood painting to look right, the video tutorial will help you understand each detail of faux painting to look like wood.

These faux wood grain painting techniques will turn your doors from boring to brilliant with out having to break a sweat.

Close Up Photo of Actual Wood Technique

Your Easy to Follow Shopping List is Included

Don’t you just hate it when you forgot something you desperately need to finish a project, and now the stores are closed?

With this tutorial you will be able to go to the store one time, get every thing you need so you can get started right away.

 – The –

“Oh My Gosh…I Want it Now…

How Do I Get All This Faux Wood Graining Stuff?”

– Information –

Professional Faux Painters make their bottom line profit by doing beautiful drop-dead gorgeous work in incredibly short periods of time. You’re going to get access to 17 years of my experience where I will share with you every tip, trick and technique I know to achieve designer home results in the shortest amount of time.

You could spend 100’s of dollars on books and tapes and still not know all my secrets. What would you spend traveling to schools that don’t have one-on-one training? $500? $650? more??? Add in travel, meals and lodging, and now your over the top! You still wouldn’t have my hand holding advise and you won’t be taught in your own home.

How much would you spend buying supplies you don’t need? I have tried all the fancy faux wood graining tools and most of it just isn’t needed for my simple beginner style tutorials. These faux wood graining techniques just use basic “big box store” supplies. You will find the entire list in the .pdf file included with your purchase. It’s a very short list.

With these how-to lessons you will be learning these amazing wood graining techniques in your own home (without an audience). And you can rewind the video as many times as you want. Hey…it will feel like you can ask the teacher everything you want to know about the tiniest detail. I show you real, at home (not in studios), faux wood grain technique painted on doors and trim (painting on what were once boring white surfaces).

 You can order with total confidence because this faux painting course comes with a 60 Day, 100% money back guarantee. 

Even if it’s the last day, you can get all your money back. I will give you what I promised and meet your expectations or you can email me and request a refund…no questions asked!

You have up to 2 months to decide!

If you have any questions or problems at all… please click this Contact Us link. We are happy to help in any way.

Added Video Bonus! Learn To Paint Faux Wood Grain On Pillars!

When you add these Trompe L’Oeil “fool the eye” techniques to any of your faux painting projects, you won’t believe that you did it yourself.

Bonus – Immediate Download. 50 Minute Video – Special Faux Wood Graining Techniques On Pillars.

Now You Can Paint Gorgeous Faux Wood Grained Pillars

Find out the secret inexpensive tools and products this professional painter uses to create beautiful faux wood grain on pillars or any architectural features. 

AND….You Will Learn How To Paint Mahogany Faux Finish and Faux Cherry Wood Paint

This bonus video includes an entire section where you’ll see how I change one thing… and the oak or pine faux wood graining now looks like cherry wood or mahogany.

Just Imagine… All this information and all the techniques located in one tutorial.

You will know where to start, and have all the encouragement you need to finish.

You will never be overwhelmed because each step is explained in detail with close up photos and video.

All this in one Big Package. You’ll receive close to 90 minutes of “over my shoulder” video training. Your new training material is based on hands on techniques… not text.

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Your Home…

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When your friends and family realize that it’s all done with paint, you will know you have a masterpiece you can be proud off.

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P. S. Do you know what it’s like to have a home that others envy or to have added huge cash value to your home with just paint? I do and I can tell you without a doubt, there is nothing else like it in the world. This is the kind of thing you can afford to do and with my help you will be able to accomplish. I’ve designed this course to answer all your questions and show you every possible technique to turn your boring white doors into gorgeous “they look like real wood” doors.

When you’re done with your fantastic faux wood finsh… I want to see the incredible results. Please email me photos of your faux wood cabinets, doors or pillars so I can add them to my designer training gallery.

P.P.S. You can try this Faux Wood course for 60 days and still take advantage of our 100% money back guarantee! If you have any questions or problems at all… please click this Contact Us link. We are happy to help in any way.

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