Just Learning How To

Faux Paint?

Do You Have Questions About Your Faux Painting Video Order?

Here are Some Frequently Asked Questions

Are my payments secured?

Important Credit Card Info: ClickBank or CLKBANK*COM will appear on your statement.  Our product brand name will NOT appear on their credit card statement.

If you have any problems with your billing please contact ClickBank. We never…ever see your credit card information nor do we get a copy of your receipt. Make sure your email is not being filtered in any way. Some mail servers block or filter mail and some of our mail might end up in your junk folder or worse your trash folder.

After you make your payment you will get an email with all the instructions for downloading you product.  You will also get a receipt for your purchase from ClickBank. 


What programs do I need to have installed on my computer to use these products?

You will need Adobe Reader for all the Reports and the eBooks that you have downloaded.

The Video Downloads will be available for Quicktime, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player and other typical medial players available on most home computers.

Physical DVD Versions will only play on PC (Not Apple type computers)

If you have any problems contact us



How do I download the Faux Painting Video’s And Ebooks?

To read the e-book you will need to download the .pdf (just a fancy name for e-book file).  It’s easy, just right click on the link we will email to you and check save as.

Before you click okay… look at where you will be downloading the file.  Put it on your desktop where it will be easy to find.

The book takes about one minute to download on a highspead internet connection. If you have dial-up it will take between 7 and 15 minutes.

Even if you are having the CD’s and DVD’s mailed to you, you will need Abobe Reader to view.

How do I Download the video?

You will have a choice when downloading the video. If you use Quicktime or WindowsMedia or RealPlayer for your video viewing you will be able to download a compatible version of the video.

The video will take about 20-60 minutes to download even with a high-speed internet connection. So… go get a snack while you are waiting. 

If you ever have a problem downloading one of our how to paint products contact us at support@fauxfinishhowto.com

What supplies might I need to when learning how to paint faux finishes?

Most (if not all) supplies for these lessons are available at any big box hardware store like Home Depot or Lowe’s. You will have to visit a craft store like Joann’s or Michael’s if you don’t have any basic craft supplies like paintbrushes or craft paints. 

Every product has a checklist of every tool and supply you will need to have before you begin.  I don’t want you to have to stop painting to go to the store.


Can I really start learning how to paint faux finishes today?

Yep… we make these courses so easy you can start today.  Get your supplies and start painting within hours of downloading your e-book and/or video.  All the mystery is taken away.  You will know when to prep and what tools to use. 

I don’t have much experience with paints and brushes, is learning how to paint faux finishes hard to do?

All my techniques are easy. The step-by-step instructions show you how to get great results every time. I teach you how to hold the brush, how much paint to use and where to put the brush on the wall for the first step.  Each layer is carefully explained and easy to achieve.  All these simple layers are combined so you can have realistic results.

What makes these faux painting lessons different?

You can download them now.  How cool is that? And the e-book of step by step instructions is downloaded now also.  Print out and keep the guide with you as you paint.  It is full of up close photos and detailed instructions.  Viewing the video shows you every technique to get professional realistic results.  These videos even show real errors and how to fix them. 

What if I have questions about how to paint after I read the book and watched the video?

Subscribe to our free newsletter.  I will answer your questions, and discuss various products, give reviews, tips and other useful stuff.  If you’re really stuck email me at support@fauxfinishhowto.com and I will help you work through any problem you might have with the techniques. Or stop by THATPainterLady site – where a ton of painting information is available.

If I don’t like the video or the book…then what?

We guarantee that you will love it all.  If…in the next 60 days you don’t think this is the most amazing course in faux finishing, then I will return your money.  I want my students to be happy with their choice in a faux painting teacher.

Problems with Flat Paint and Learning to Paint on a Wall.

If you are starting with a flat paint base or find 1/2 way through your painting project that flat paint is causing you problems with shadowing techniques…Then I suggest you try rolling or brushing on a low sheen polycrylic sealer. This will help the paint “slide” and you will achieve professional results.

How do I send photos for the online album at THAT Painter Lady?

Just attach a photo to an email and send it to us with your name and permission to publish. 

Send to  info (at) fauxfinishhowto (dot) com  

Subject line – “Photos by a Student”

Email Content: “I release this photo to www.thatpainterlady.com to publish in the online photo album”

include…your.name, state you live  and your email address.