You Can Learn To Paint Faux Exposed Brick Breakouts and Paint New York Loft Style Faux Brick Walls

“Discover What Insiders Already Know About Painting Exposed Faux Brick So You Can Get It Right The First Time”

Do you want designer exposed faux bricks on your walls, but never actually thought you could pull off designer looking results? Are you frustrated looking at designer magazines and books with all the instructions for painting broken plaster walls – written in what seems to be Greek? I feel your pain!

Hi…My name is Debra Conrad and I just wanted you to know you have a friend in your struggle to find good information about painting faux brick walls. .

All your most challenging questions about painting faux brick will be answered. You will have access to my support email and can ask all the faux brick questions you want!

Look at that again

You can ask for help with all your exposed faux brick painting questions by email. You won’t find that kind of customer service with just any faux painting consultant.

You will have more fun and have better results if you know what techniques are prone to problems and what paint and tools you need to have on hand before you start to paint.

And, look at what has happened to those who already used my techniques…

“Exposed Faux Bricks Eluded Me Until I Found This Video…”

Dear Debra,

I wanted to thank you for your very informative faux brick video.

I am a painting contractor in Illinois, and I have been wanting to learn how to do breakaway plaster  for a while now and I was actually  ready to dish out a lot of money for someone to teach me.

I do many faux finishes and have been very successful, but this one had eluded me for a while until I found you online.

I think the best part was that I never had to leave my house! I am sending you a picture of the sample that my wife and I made thanks to you.

I can not thank you enough!


David Funk – Painters Ink


You Just Want Easy Faux Brick Techniques

Are you just beginning to learn faux brick wall techniques and have been frustrated with the results? Would you love to find someone to teach you with simple – easy to follow instructions?

… And wouldn’t it be great if that someone would answer all your questions about designing and painting faux bricks?

  • Are you looking for ways to decorate your home that are usually seen only in the decorating magazines or luxury home tours?
  • Would you like to be able to learn the faux brick mural techniques that look like broken plaster with exposed brick just like those that are painted by professional
    faux artists?
  • Are you anxious to learn about faux painting a brick wall?
  • Are you tired of the vague exposed fake brick decorative mural painting instructions found in faux painting books?
  • Do you have a problem making your faux plaster cracks and faux brick shadowing look realistic?
  • Do you think you have to be “artistic” to paint faux plaster finishes with exposed faux brick showing?
  • Do these hand painted faux brick murals seem like to much work or that they will require expensive tools?
  • Do you think you have to take professional level faux brick painting classes to achieve professional results?
  • Are you just beginning to learn how to paint faux finishes?
  • Have you always thought you didn’t have artistic talent?
  • Do you think faux bricks might be to big a project for a beginner?
  • Would you love to find easy step-by-step faux brick and trompe l’oeil instruction?

 Previews of What’s Inside The Actual Faux Brick Course:

These are two video excerpts – just click on the picture to play the video.

Change the Personality of Your Boring Rooms

I was a professional faux artist for 17 years, and I have learned a trick or three about painted faux brick finishes. I love to paint faux brick and trompe l’oeil (fool the eye) architecture. You can now get every one of those faux brick painting tricks. The first tip I’ll share now is…get it done! Quick!

To save my sanity I had to teach myself how to get beautiful painted faux brick results and quick. Wouldn’t you love to have new faux brick painted decorator walls in record time? You will have more fun and great results than you can imagine with these easy as pie faux brick templates and techniques.

You will get to see from start to finish how I used these beautiful faux brick techniques to create fantastic decorative wall finishes and absolutely realistic – Trompe L’Oeil – faux brick wall architecture. I know you can have the same results on your walls too.

You Could Have An Entire Wall Of Bricks In Just A Few Days…

Sometimes you might feel like you can’t get started on a new faux painting project, because you might not have time to finish. Just watch me paint, and see how fast you’ll be able to start painting a wall with faux brick. Many of your faux painting projects could be finished in less than 24 hours! When you see these faux bricks unfold before your eyes you will be thinking “This is so easy…Why didn’t I get started on this sooner?”

The Home Inspector Increased the Value of Their
Home after I added these faux bricks. Until he touched
the wall he didn’t believe it was just paint!

I was there while the bank loan inspector was doing his final walk through on this new home. I started to laugh when he added so much to the value of their home for all the brick architecture my clients had added to the house.

I thought he was joking with us, but we learned he wasn’t when he left the increased value on the paperwork. He was amazed when I told him to walk closer and touch the brick. He could hardly believe it wasn’t real. He left the higher value in the paperwork, saying something
like “if paint can look that good it had to add value to this home.”

Debra Conrad – THAT Painter Lady

You Can Easily Learn Everything About Faux Painting a Brick Wall. Even if you are a Beginner!

Even first-time faux painters will be able to have expert results. Every faux painting step is detailed in the ebook and includes close up photos of each faux brick technique.

If you have a problem getting your faux brick or faux exposed brick wall painting look right, the video tutorial will help you understand each detail of faux painting a brick wall.

These wall painting techniques will turn your walls from boring to brilliant with out having to break a sweat.

The only way this could be easier is if you hired me to faux paint it for you!

Almost instantly, you will be learning how to paint faux brick on walls in your home, even if you absolutely, positively do not know how to paint anything.

These step-by-step faux brick techniques are so simple and easy to follow you will be shocked at your own results. Wouldn’t you
like to design and paint faux brick around arched openings, windows and doors?

Plus! Every bit of your faux brick training is painted on a real wall! Not on poster board lying flat on a table.

You should learn to paint faux bricks on walls by painting on walls!

 Your Easy to Follow Shopping List is Included

Don’t you just hate it when you forgot something you desperately need to finish a project, and now the stores are closed?

With this tutorial you will be able to go to the store one time, get every thing you need so you can get started right away.

This shopping list gets you started on your amazing faux brick wall painting quickly.

    • Quickly create your own faux brick templates using inexpensive materials that save you $$. These templates are so easy to make, even an 8 year old can do it.
  • How an ordinary newspaper that costs less than a dollar can save you hours of detailed drawing.


  • Save time using this proven faux brick painting system so you can finish each technique in less than 24 hours. That’s the beauty of using a faux brick template…they cut the “design” time in half.


  • Never be without needed materials or tools with my easy to use printable ” lets go shopping” checklist, so you can get started on your designer faux bricks painted on walls. Today! These Materials Never Include a Goopy Paste to Plaster on Your Walls For Faux Brick Texture.


  • You get paint color ideas so you can easily pick the faux brick paint colors you need for your style of faux bricks. You will have every color you need, just when you need it because you used the “easy print-out guide ” when you went shopping. Are you smart…or what?


  • Learn how to plan, design and paint an entire wall of Faux Bricks. You can quickly and easily learn how to faux brick with dramatic results. Think “New York Loft” when you visualize faux bricks on your walls. WOW!


  • Learn the 3 best tips for perfect placement for painting a wall with faux brick showing through the faux broken plaster. Have you ever wondered why faux painted plaster with breakaway brick can sometimes look out of place or unrealistic? You will learn where an exposed faux brick break away mural should occur naturally and where you absolutely never, ever paint your faux cracked plaster break away finish.


  • Painting faux bricks around arches is a work of art. Think about it…You are painting square objects on a round edge. That’s like the old square peg in a round hole test. With this course you will learn to paint faux brick around arches, doorways and windows easily and without hours of painful measuring.


  • What do you do when you paint yourself into a corner? The real question is how will you make faux brick on walls look realistic while painting around corners? I won’t leave you hanging; all the tricky solutions are revealed in the video tutorials. Stencils Are Never Part Of The Solution.


  • Grout… gotta do grout. No Tape is Ever Killed to Create Your Grout Lines! You will have faux brick and grout that look so real, your friends will have to touch the wall to tell if it’ s really just paint. The beauty of this…No grout to clean, ever!


  • Faux brick painted on walls depend on highlighting and shadowing techniques to make a painted surface look like realistic bricks and cracked old plaster. Close up views show you how to do this down to the tiniest detail. These are the tricks that will make you look like a pro.


  • It’s all in the details… I will teach you the 7 tiny little faux painting secrets only professional faux painters know. It’s why we get paid the big bucks… now you will know how to implement each of these tricks for faux bricks and you will know how to have a more professional looking finish.


Now… You can use ” Designer Faux Brick Painting Techniques” on Walls to Decorate any Home!

Don’t you just love it when someone asks you to help them decorate their home? Do your friends ask your advice about decorating or paint colors?

My friends and family were WOWed by my new faux finishes bricks walls and now they all want me to help design their homes.

Me …a designer?? If they only knew how easy it was to do. Now you will also be able to change plain white boring walls into amazing faux painted works of art.

“I have been asked to help paint in friends homes…”

I have lived with “all white, boring” walls for years. I loved the look of faux finishes, but never thought I would have them in my own home.

I felt that faux finish painting would require more talent than I had. I mean really… where would I begin? How could I do faux finishing without all
those expensive tools? What paint colors go with my flooring and furniture?

Then I found Debra and she taught me everything I needed to know. All the tools and paints I would need are available in local stores, very
cheap. The tricks she taught me saved me so much time and frustration; I was able to finish projects in a day or two.

My family was amazed at the results. I can faux finish a room in less than a day, and because it’s so inexpensive to do …I can repaint whenever I want.

I have been asked to help paint in friends homes because they loved the way my walls looked. The techniques I learned from Debra helped me
learn a talent I share often with my friends.

Sandra Gullickson

Yuma Arizona

– The –

“Oh My Gosh…I Want it Now…

How Do I Get All This Faux Brick Stuff?”

– Information –

Professional Faux Brick Painters make their bottom line profit by doing beautiful drop-dead gorgeous work in incredibly short periods of time. You’re going to get access to 17 years of my experience where I will share with you every tip, trick and technique I know to achieve designer home results in the shortest amount of time.

You could spend 100’s of dollars on books and tapes and still not know all my secrets. What would you spend traveling to schools that don’t have one-on-one training? $500? $650? more??? Add in travel, meals and lodging, and now your over the top! You still wouldn’t have my hand holding advise and you won’t be taught in your own home.

How much would you spend buying supplies you don’t need? I have tried all the fancy stuff and most of it just isn’t needed for my simple beginner style tutorials. These faux bricks and mural style designs just use basic “big box store” supplies. You will find the entire list in the eBook.

With these how-to lessons you will be learning these amazing faux brick techniques on your own walls (Without an audience). And you can rewind the video as many times as you want. Hey…it will feel like you can ask the teacher everything you want to know about the tiniest detail. I show you real, at home (not in studios), faux brick painted on walls (painting on what were once boring white walls).


And… you can order with total confidence because this faux painting course comes with a 60 Day, 100% money back guarantee. Even if it’s the last day, you can get all your money back. I will give you what I promised and meet your expectations or you can email me and request a refund…no questions asked!

You have up to 2 months to decide!

Andif that isn’t enough.. I mean really...can you believe how many things you’re going to know how to do? Well, then just look at the Free Added Bonuses you get today!

THAT Painter Lady” Reveals Two Special

Trompe L’Oeil Techniques.

Absolutely FREE

When you add these Trompe L’Oeil “fool the eye” techniques to any of your faux painting projects, you won’t believe that you did it yourself.

Bonus 1- Immediate Download. Free Report with over 20 step-by-step photos, templates and techniques. Now You Can Paint Gorgeous Grape Clusters on your Faux Painted walls. Find out the secret inexpensive tool this professional painter uses to create beautiful glowing grape clusters on faux painted walls. Also …you’ll see these amazingly easy to paint grapes come to life with shadows and highlights. estimated $20 Value FREE


Bonus 2- You will instantly have access to my custom Faux Block Painting Technique instructions in this Free Report. Step by step photos and instructions show you how to paint blocks by adjusting the techniques taught in the Faux Brick eCourse. Imagine adding this faux block technique to your decorative painting album. Once you have mastered the painted faux block technique you can also add 3-D dimension with all the shadow and highlight techniques taught in this 15 page report. estimated $20 Value FREE

“The Beginners Guide to Professional Finishes – Faux Brick”

Photo of Debra Conrad

“THAT Painter Lady”


Just Imagine… All this information and all the techniques located in one tutorial.

Stop wasting your time looking for faux brick painting guides. All the information you need is right here, nothing left out… nothing overlooked. You will know where to start, and have all the encouragement you need to finish. You will never be overwhelmed because each step is explained in detail with close up photos and video.

Instead of waiting days to get the bound books and dvd’s you could order online, you can download this training package in minutes.

The book is provided as electronic files and is viewed in Adobe PDF format. The faux brick video is easy to download right to your computer and view over and over!

And you can have it all Right Now in Your Own Home!
Plus – Remember…

Your Faux Brick Training is Guaranteed!

Get this course Now! You don’t risk a cent...You’re covered by our 100% money back guarantee. Try it out for 2months. That’s right… take your own personal test run. Take a full 60 days to try out all the valuable tips and techniques. See if this isn’t the easiest to use course about painting faux bricks ever. Once you have used all these tips in your own home, I am confident you’ ll NEVER want to send it back.

If for any reason…or no reason at all you aren’t completely thrilled with your results I’ll refund your money. You have up to 60 days to use this “no questions asked” guarantee. Just let me know by email.

Your Order 100% Safe and Secure through ClickBank

 Order Now by Debit or Credit Card Anytime 24 Hours A Day,

7 Days A Week, 365 Days A Year


YES, I understand that I will be instantly downloading the Faux Brick Video formatted for PC (not Mac compatible) and the e-book in Adobe PDF format. Download of my products will be available within 5 minutes of processing my order

YES, I know that my entire purchase is covered by your 60 Day Money Back Guarantee Policy and that if I am not satisfied with my purchase in any way within 60 days, I can simply email you and I will be issued a prompt and courteous refund, No Questions Asked.


” You Know You Want It!”

Just Imagine …Designer Faux Brick Painted in
Your Home…

Right Now …Today!

When you have used all this course has to offer and you are rewarded with the most unique wonderful warm faux brick walls on the block, you will have achieved “stardom” in your neighborhood. When your friends and family realize that it’s all done with paint, you will know you have a masterpiece you can be proud off.

So Go Ahead! Order The Faux Brick Video Now and Get Started Painting Immediately… Imagine the jaw dropping drama at your next party. Even if you order pizza for your friends, they won’t notice. All meals will seem gourmet when served in your newly designed rooms.

Now Lets Go Paint!

THAT “Painter Lady”

P. S. Do you know what it’s like to have a home that others envy or to have “added huge cash value to your home with just paint? I do and I can tell you without a doubt, there is nothing else like it in the world. This is the kind of thing you can afford to do and with my help you will be able to accomplish. I’ve designed this course to answer all your questions and show you every possible technique to turn your boring white walls into dream designer walls.

When you’re done with your fantastic faux bricks wall… I want to see the incredible results. Please email me photos of your faux bricks.

P.P.S. You can try this Faux Brick course for 60 days and still take advantage of our 100% money back guarantee!

 If you have any questions or problems at all… please click this Contact Us link. We are happy to help in any way.


Get it Now and Lets Go Paint!