Debra Conrad… THAT Painter Lady: Presents

How To Create Faux Finishes


That You Can Be Proud Of


(And Look Like a Professional Did The Work)

“With Just a Bit Of Help You Can Faux Paint Like A Pro… Even If You Have Never Picked Up a Paint Brush In Your Life.”


Do want designer faux finishes on your walls? Think you can’t learn to paint professional looking walls yourself? You couldn’t be more wrong. It’s so easy.

Decorating magazines and home tours are filled with colorful faux finishing ideas. Homes just aren’t a box with white walls anymore. You need to get some color in your world.

Imagine a friend stepping into your home and seeing the walls you have created for the very first time. Her jaw drops and next she will want to know who did your walls? Want to know how? Well guess what. . .

You can learn to paint faux finishes yourself, today!.

Decorating is all about color and texture. If you have been spending a bucket load of cash on furniture and accessories and your space still looks boring…take heart. It’s all about paint and faux finishes. By adding just some of these techniques, you’re going to love the way your home looks.

“…I think I can do this with the help of the materials

and video you sent to me.”

Hi Debra,

I watched the video several times and love every minute of it. I am in the process of picking a wall on which to try the techniques you teach so well and look forward to getting started.
Thanks for all you do. I think I can do this with the help of the materials and video you sent to me.


Anyone can paint a room. Pick up a roller and a bucket-o-paint from the local hardware store and get going. But… it’s just going to be paint. Ho…Hum. You neighbor might love (or hate) the color, but it is still just paint.

Now, Lets Put Some Wow On Your Walls

The difference between plain old painting with a roller, and painting your walls with a unique faux technique is very slim. They both require paint, they both require the correct tools and they both require that you choose a color.

Here is where the fun starts! You can use simple techniques and supplies and in very little time you will be creating gorgeous, rich… room enhancing walls. No wallpaper paste required. 🙂

“I’m like a kid waiting to open Christmas presents!!“Debra,Hello!!I’m so excited to have found this “class” on line.I live in up state NY (recently moved from the Midwest) and have a passion for decorating.I was considering looking into interior design school or doing “flips” but have always loved faux painting and I love the Tuscan/European styles.This looks just awesome. I watched your video yesterday and really wish I didn’t live so far away cause I would take classes with you in a heart beat!!  🙂  Too fun!!We are building a new house, (so wanted one of these old houses around here but couldn’t find one in the right school district) and we are in the area that “charges” for textured walls.  I think that it makes the faux bricks look so much more realistic.

Anywho, just wanted to say hello and thank you for creating this on line tutorial.  I can’t wait to get started.I have most of the stuff in storage waiting for our final move to the new house and

I’m like a kid waiting to open Christmas presents!!

Have a beautiful day!! Andrea


Hi, My name is Debra Conrad and I just wanted you to know you have a friend in your struggle to find good information about painting faux finishes.

I’ll even answer all your most challenging questions about any faux painting technique. You will have access to my support email and can ask all the painting and decorating style questions you want!

Look at that again…

You can ask me for help with all your faux painting questions by email. You won’t find that kind of customer service with just any faux painting consultant.

You will have more fun and have better results if you know what techniques are prone to problems and what paint and tools you need to have on hand before you start to paint.

Free Insider’s Guide to Faux Painting

Are You Making These 7 Common Beginner Faux Finishers Mistakes?

Save Your Time, Your Money and Your Ego – Get These
7 Faux Finishing Tips Now!

  • Lesson 1 : What Paint Finish To Avoid – It Will Ruin All Faux Finishes
  • Lesson 2: Tools for Faux Painting Techniques are Not Expensive.  Read This Lesson and Save More Money
  • Lesson 3: Are You Primed?  Creating Faux Finishes Without Reading this Lesson, Will Cost You Professional Results
  • Lesson 4: Use Latex or Use Oil Based Paints for your Faux Finishes?
  • Lesson5: Keep It Clean – Spills Happen… Learn How To Keep Your Faux Painting Area Protected and Clean-Up Those Spills That Can Ruin Your Day
  • Lesson 6: What Is That Wet Edge Everyone Says I Need To Worry About?  And How Do I Keep It Wet?
  • Lesson 7:How Having a Helper Can Wreck a Paint Project Instead of Helping.


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You Just Want To Learn Easy…


Beginner Style Faux Painting Techniques.

Are you just beginning to learn about faux wall techniques and have been frustrated with the results?
Would you love to find someone to teach you with simple – easy to follow instructions?

… And wouldn’t it be great if that someone would answer all your questions about designing and painting?

  • Are you looking for ways to decorate your home that are usually seen only in the decorating magazines or luxury home tours?
  • Would you like to be able to learn the faux and mural techniques that are painted by professional faux artists?
  • Are you anxious to learn about faux painting… anything?
  • Are you tired of the vague decorative and mural painting instructions found in faux painting books?
  • Do you have a problem making your faux paint projects look professional?
  • Do you think you have to be “artistic” to paint faux finishes? Do hand painted murals seem like to much work or that they will require expensive tools?
  • Do you think you have to take professional level faux painting classes to achieve
    professional results?
  • Are you just beginning to learn how to paint faux finishes?
  • Have you always thought you didn’t have artistic talent?
  • Do you think faux finishes might be to big a project for a beginner?
  • Would you love to find easy step-by-step faux painting instructions?
… “It turned out great, if I do say so myself.Hi Debra:I just used your technique today at my daughter’s condo, on her kitchen wall. It turned out great, if I do say so myself.Thank’s for making the technique so easy. Thanks again for all your tips and techniques. I look forward to redoing my kitchen now that I’ve had a practice run!!Donna

Change the Personality of Your Boring Rooms

I have been a professional faux artist for 17 years, and I have learned a trick or three about painted faux finishes.You can now get every one of those faux painting tricks. The first tip I’ll share now is…get it done! Quick!

To save my sanity I had to teach myself how to get beautiful painted technique results and quick. Wouldn’t you love to have new faux painted decorator walls in record time? You will have more fun and great results than you can imagine with these easy as pie – faux templates and techniques.

I have always been a closet decorator , and boy do I spend
the bucks on design magazines and faux painting magazines. Faux painted finishes have been the rage for years. Celebrity homes are filled with “Old World Finishes” and Faux Painted Plasters.

I mean… Seriously!!! Did you see the tour of Dr. Phil’ s house on T. V.? A brand new dream house built in the Tuscan style with walls of hand painted Tuscan plaster faux finishes. This home has walls that look like old faux
plaster and other designer faux aged effect finishes and you just know it cost a small fortune and months of faux painters’ climbing on scaffolding.

I may be a professional faux painter, but I had the shoe makers’ home. You may have guessed that I am usually busy working on some brand new, make it look rustic, designer house. I’m just like you …I
never had the time or energy to start a new project at home, much less finish a faux painting project.

I was constantly asked by prospective clients, “should I come over to your house and see what you have done? Maybe I will get some faux painting ideas?”

OH NOOOOO… Those ugly white walls. Everywhere!

Well, this just had to end, and fast. You should see what my house looks like now! You would think my house had an entire makeover. In virtually 6 weeks your home will look so amazingly different.

Just a few simple tricks and faux paint techniques will change the personality of your rooms.

Each room now has a professional looking faux painted finish that only took a day or two to design and complete.

Now, I am going to share with you… all my time saving tips and tricks so you can learn about painting “faux”.

You will get to see from start to finish how I used these beautiful decorative painting techniques to create fantastic decorative wall finishes and absolutely realistic – Trompe L’Oeil – (fool the eye) – murals. I know you can have the same results on your walls too.

Faux Painted Walls in Less Than 24 Hours

Sometimes you might feel like you can’t get started on a new faux painting project, because you might not have time to finish. Just watch me paint, and see how fast you’ll be able to start painting a wall with faux painting techniques .

Many of your faux painting projects could be finished in less than 24 hours! When you see these faux finishes unfold before your eyes you will be thinking “This is so easy…Why didn’t I get started on this sooner?”


The video & ebook were awesome! Thank you! When a client asked if I could paint a faux brick wall for a local television station I said “sure”.I had less than two days to produce two samples – and I never painted a faux brick in my life!I found your site and what a lifesaver!Your step-by-step instructions make it so easy!I am so impressed, and thankful that you are sharing your technique – it was definitely money well spent… plus… I never had to leave my house! (I love painting in my pj’s)THANKS A BUNCH!Val Kruwel

Have you thought for a moment what it would be like to have this kind of inside knowledge?

Even first-time faux painters will be able to have expert results. Every faux painting step is detailed and includes close up photos of each faux technique.

If you have a problem getting your faux painting look right, the video tutorial will help you understand each detail of the faux finish.

These wall painting techniques will turn your walls from boring to brilliant with out having to break a sweat.


The Beginner Guides to Professional Faux Finishes

You Can Paint Faux Brick:

How To Paint Faux BrickStop wasting your time looking for faux brick painting guides.

All the information you need is right here, nothing left out… nothing overlooked.

You will know where to start, and have all the encouragement you need to finish.

CLick Here To Learn More About the Faux Brick Video and CD Guide


You Can Paint Faux Granite:

How To Paint Faux GraniteI’m going to let you to look over my shoulder as I reveal my highly-sought after faux finish granite techniques.

Interested, but wondering how you can possibly pull off the job of a professional? Especially, when all the faux painting instructions you’ve ever read are as complicated as trying to follow directions in a language you don’t understand.

No problem!

Click Here To Learn More About Painting Faux Granite and Faux Marble


You Can Paint Faux Wood:

How To Paint Faux WoodThe only training you will ever need about learning the art of faux grain painting.

This video tutorial shows you the exact paints, glazes and brushes you will need.

Also… you will learn just how to use a simple $1 brush to create beautiful faux wood grain on all your doors and cabinets.

Click Here To Learn More About The Faux Wood Grain Guide


Your Faux Paint Training is Guaranteed!

Get any of the courses Now! You don’t risk a cent...You’re covered by our 100% money back guarantee.

Try it out for 2 months. That’s right… take your own personal test run. Take a full 60 days to try out all the valuable tips and techniques. See if these aren’t the easiest to use course’s about painting faux ever.

Once you have used all these tips in your own home, I am confident you’ ll NEVER want to send it back.

Now Lets Go Paint!

THAT “Painter Lady”

P. S. Do you know what it’s like to have a home that others envy or to have “added huge cash value to your home with just paint? I do and I can tell you without a doubt, there is nothing else like it in the world. This is the kind of thing you can afford to do and with my help you will be able to accomplish. I’ve designed these courses to answer all your questions and show you every possible technique to turn your boring white walls into dream designer

When you’re done with your fantastic faux painted walls… I want to see the incredible results. Please email me photos of your painted walls so I can add them to my designer training gallery.

P.P.S. You can try any of our courses for 60 days and still take advantage of our 100% money back guarantee!